About Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) Piling

Dockside Marine Supply supplies foundation piling treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA).


Piling is often designated by the minimum diameter of the butt end of the pole for residential applications, but may also be listed by the diameter of the tip or by class, which specifies several measurements.

Disposal of Treated Lumber

  • Reuse treated wood to the extent possible
  • Do not dispose of CCA-treated wood remnants or sawdust in compost heaps, wood chips or mulch; chemicals from the preservatives may enter the food chain.
  • Dispose of construction waste or materials removed from service in accordance with local regulations. Contact your municipality or provincial government to find out how to dispose of CCA-treated lumber in your area. (Most areas use ordinary trash collection or burial).
  • NEVER BURN TREATED WOOD. Arsenic and chromium may be released into the environment as part of the smoke or remain in the ashes.

Information on this site is provided as a general guideline.  Consult a qualified engineer, contractor or municipal authority for specific information on the materials required for your project.