Environmentally Friendly Marine Products

Dockside provides options that are environmentally friendly. These materials are used in municipal, commercial and residential marine construction projects.

Protect Your Pile. Protect Your Environment.

Dockside offers the ultimate in marine piling protection, the Pile Sleeve. The Pile Sleeve is made from highly-durable, shrinkable PVC that completely encases the wooden piling or timber in a PVC shell that is impervious to the elements.  Unlike conventional piling wrap, the Pile Sleeve has no joints or seams to compromise the integrity of the piling protection.  The Pile Sleeve will keep CCA chemical contaminants from leaching from the piling into the water, as well as prevent wood boring organisms from attacking your piling.  No more “hour-glass” shaped pilings down the road.  Protect your pile, protect your environment!

Pile Sleeve Impact Test