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Dockside has a full  inventory of floating docks, personal watercraft (PWC) floats and dock hardware. our extensive dock hardware includes ladders, pile caps, cleats, pile bumpers, rub rails, Nor’Easter dock fenders, eye bolts and more.

Dockside supplies everything you need to finish your dock including pile caps, rub rails, floating docks and more.

Featured Dock Hardware & Accessories

Finish your waterfront project with high quality dock additions and accessories:

  • Fend-All
  • PWF- Personal Watercraft Floats
  • Floating Dock Components
  • Pile Caps, Cleats, Ladders and more

Floating Dock Instructions

Below is a plan that details our method for building floating docks. This plan can be used to build a floating dock from 5’ to 6’ wide and up to 12’ long using pipe slides to attach the dock to a fixed dock or bulkhead. The plan serves as a general template and can be adapted and modified to different sizes and configurations. Just below that, you will find links containing a materials list based on dock size.

These plans are provided as a courtesy for use by experienced builders. The use of these plans does not convey or imply any warranty.

Printable Floating Dock Instructions (PDF)

Floating Dock Instructions - NJ docks

Floating Dock Instructions Parts Lists (sorted by size)


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